Single Color On Black And White (41)

This one is for all my fellow left-handed people. For this topic “Single color on black and white,” the bold red color of the logo symbolizing a “Left Hand” (and of course it is the name of the company: “Left Hand Brewing Company,” Longmount, Colorado) caught my eyes when touring this cool brewery.

Single Color On Black And White_20140831Colorado_20140831_DSC8152-Edit


It’s A Mystery (22)

What happen here? It’s a mystery? Inch High Private Eye or Scooby doo, please help! (LOL). Well when looking up a bicycle you must also included some part of the body not just one rim., so this wont happen.

It’s A Mystery_20140831Colorado_20140831_DSC8038

Group Portraits (16)

This image was made back around 1979, with years of storage and not being in a proper frame, the image was almost lost. I was asked if it could be fixed, this is a first for me  in a restoration of an image, and I can understand why people who do this (and do it Very Well) charge so much. it is a (real) time consumer process, but the outcome is so much more rewarding! this image  is not at all completed but I wanted to share it.

Group Portraits_20140825Rodriguez_Restoration_20140825_DSC7659

had to use clips in order for the image to stay flat while it was being photographed.

Group Portraits_20140825Rodriguez_Restoration_20140825_DSC7659-Edit

the result so far